Photographs used in this collection are from the May 4 Digital Collections at Kent State University Libraries, Special Collections and Archives. To explore the entire May 4 digital archive please see our Kent State Shootings:Digital Archive page.


Photograph: National Guard personnel walking toward crowd near Taylor Hall, tear gas has been fired
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Victory Bell

Photograph: A growing crowd gathers at the Victory Bell, May 4, 1970
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Photograph: Evening photo, with tracers of candle light near Victory Bell in front of Taylor Hall (first annual commemoration)
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ROTC building

Photograph: My first view of ROTC remains, May 3, 1970, 10:30 AM, Chuck Ayers
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Photograph: Crowd around Don Drumm sculpture and Taylor Hall
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Parking Lot

Photograph: Crowd of people walk and stand in and around the Prentice Hall parking lot, Taylor Hall sign is visible
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Solar Totem

Photograph: Injured student (John Cleary) being given first aid near Don Drumm sculpture, with onlookers nearby
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Gym Annex

Photograph: Guardsmen leaving practice field on way to Pagoda, May 4, 1970, 12:25 PM
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May 4 Memorial

Photograph of Memorial area, taken from the May 4 Memorial and Design Competition records subcollection
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May 4 th

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